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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Surfing - An Aquatic Sport with Numerous Health Benefits

Surfing provides tremendous opportunity to stay fit and healthy. It improves your overall health condition and protects your heart. On a purely physical level, it’s a highly effective workout for your entire body. Surfing has number of health and fitness benefits. It is a complete sport that only helps an individual to remain physically fit but also mentally satisfied and contented.


Surfing is a fantastic way to fully enjoy the natural environment along with spending quality time outdoors. Spending time in the water is a good outlet for stress and tension. Some of the benefits of surfing are:

  • Cardiovascular Workout: Like many other water-based exercises, it is one of the best avenues of cardiovascular exercise. A range of new motions and movements that you make while surfing greatly help to fine tune your body. Aerobically, surfing is beneficial because it makes your body flexible, keeps your heart rate steady and forces your body to pump up oxygen to your muscles. Surfing should be only one part of an exercise plan. But it will surely be the best part.
  • Mentally Refreshing: Surfing not only has physical benefits, it is packed with mental benefits. It keeps you energized and works as a good stress-buster. During surfing your brain produces endorphins, the human body’s natural pain reliever. It reduces stress by giving you a sense of confidence, determination as well as self-belief. Surfing helps to offset the negativity and low-feeling. So rent a boat and hit the water to ease-off all your worries.
  • Helps with Weight Loss: Most fun water activities can actually be amazing workouts too. Surfers are the persons who always remain in a good shape from head to toe. It has been proved that 400 calories can be burnt in an hour long surfing. Your core muscles are getting a major workout while surfing that enables you to burn a great deal of calories and shed extra flab.
  • Muscle Strengthening: Surfing is an aquatic sport where you need to face the collision from the waves. All the muscles of your body work simultaneously when you surf. It helps to build muscle and gain strength. Surfing makes you less prone to injury and greatly increases your stamina.

Surfing is a complete sport. It demands better flexibility, swimming skills and constant muscle interactions. It is recommended that you should properly prepare your mind before taking the water.

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