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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Most Adventurous Water Sports in The world


Rediscover adventure & thrill with the most popular water sports around the world.  

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Adventurous Scuba Diving in Spain

Would you love to indulge in Scuba Diving? Why? Because it is a one-of-a-kind activity that provides thrill to a large extent and also peace to a considerable extent. Forget about all your worries and delve deep into the marine world. Spain offers some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rent a Boat in Croatia and Gather Memories for a Lifetime

Croatia offers lovely atmosphere and conditions for sailing. It is great for both the experienced and the novice sailors. Along with exploring the pristine islands and the golden sand beaches, it offers cycling, hiking and sea kayaking for travelers. Stand up paddling is another activity which offers lot of time to balance relaxation and beach activities. In fact, when travelers rent a boat in Croatia they can actually plan on the type of holiday they wish to have. It will be suitable for families, couples, solo travelers, hikers and active kayakers. Here is a lowdown on the different kinds of trips.

Adventure Sailing

An adventure sailing trip is not just about on board adventure. It also involves outdoor activities relating to water, beaches and sand. In fact, Dubrovnik has loads to offer in terms of natural bounty. Coves, caves, cliffs, beaches, rocks and pine forests are all part of that natural bounty while kayaking, sailing on a yacht, snorkeling and swimming can be done after hopping out of the boat. Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep are some of the most popular green islands in Croatia which are covered by forests and loads of sunshine. The sandy beaches are almost empty which can be ideal for hours of sailing and other water activities. The skippers hired along with the boat guide you through the entire process and takes you to he destinations where the crowd is not thick. Tuna and dolphins often accompany the sailors across the Adriatic Ocean where the sea is crystal clear and the sky is warm and welcoming.

Sailing & Kayaking

After you hire a vessel from the boat rental services in Croatia a great kayaking trip can be organized for the travelers. This trip is not for the family and friends. This is especially for the kayakers. This trip is for the kayaking enthusiasts who can independently travel long distances by paddling boats. These trips are often without guides and thus require sailing experience. Occasionally the guides will provide information and route directions to the kayakers on their wish.

Kayaking in Croatia

Sailing Break

This is organized for those travelers who have inadequate time to spend in Dubrovnik. It is also ideal for travelers who are setting sail across the Adriatic Ocean for the first time. This trip includes quick trips to the Elaphiti Islands Archipelago which offers sea kayaking, swimming, cycling and hiking to the travelers. The best of locations in the archipelago can be reached on boat, paddle board or kayak. There are several private coves which are open for snorkeling and scuba diving. Normally, skippers accompany travelers on his trip because the travelers are mostly first-timers.

Thus, Croatia offers loads of fun and activities for those sailing across the Adriatic Ocean. Anchoring on the islands and enjoying the beach activities could be the best thing about this kind of vacation. Every kind of trip is provided to the travelers being tailor-made for them. Set sail!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Beach Vacation in Greece & Get Enthralled by Nature's Abundance

Greece, the cradle of civilization still holds the place of being the number one vacation destination because tourists believe that it is God's own place full of natural abundance in the form of island clusters and beaches. Beautiful rolling waters, golden sea bed and hospitable people make this land the chosen tourist destination. Setting sail on the azure Aegian waters can be an ethereal experience for the traveler on a journey to self discovery.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Relax on the Golden Beaches of Sorrento by Renting a boat in Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy offers loads of fun and activities to the tourists. Some are leisure travelers while others are enthusiasts. Amalfi has something to offer to both these types of travelers while also exploring the beautiful coastline. Rent a boat in Italy to explore this fabulous coastline through your lens. This time discover one of the most treasured locations of the Amalfi, Sorrento. It is a well-known destination for sailors and if you are one, then rediscover it and in case you are not, you have the pleasure of discovering it for the first time; it will be memorable.

Sorrento has been inspired from the song “Caruso” and hence it is unparalleled in its beauty. The Italian landscape and the rolling waters have inspired so many poets, singers and performers which has also contributed to its popularity apart from its natural beauty. Sorrento is a gem nestled in the Gulf of Naples and its beauty is eternal.

What Makes Sorrento Special?

For sailing tourists, Sorrento is full of surprises and also some conventionally known facts. It enjoys a favorable location along with the deep blue ocean welcoming tourists with open arms. Also, it has a wonderfully pleasant climate which tourists prefer. Thus, Sorrento is a tourist magnet. Sorrento has something for every tourist so that they can revel in its smell, flavor, color and also the gastronomic delights. During your trip, ensure that you do not miss out on the drink of limoncello, a local delicacy and “delizia al limone” which is a shortcake along with a generous portion of authentic “gnocchi alla sorrentina”. Hop out of the boat and treat yourself by shopping from the nearby destination while ordering dinner on your boat.

You have to rent a boat at best price to discover one of the best tourist destinations of all times and around the world. Enjoy on your boat through the night and hop out to relish the views of the city gardens. On bright days, you can see as far as Capri which is another beautiful tourist destination. Sorrento Peninsula is nearby and can be reached from Sorrento town. It is a very well-connected town.

Beautiful Golden Beaches

Golden Beaches, Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento is blessed with some of most beautiful golden beaches- Bagni della Regina Giovanna, Solara, and Marina Grande. Among all of these, the last one is almost within the town while the others are away. Regina is a secluded beach encircled by cliffs. Solara is also encircled by cliffs and is the best spot for sunbathing. There are more beautiful beaches like Meta di Sorrento and Piano. The longest beach on the peninsula is the Meta Lido and Marina di Alimuri. Marina di Cassano and Caterina Beach are also beautiful spots which are visited by tourists all the year round. These spots can be easily reached from the harbor where you can pull up your boat.

Reaching Sorrento is very easy even on a small boat and mooring is also not a problem. There are several fully-equipped boat harbors along the Peninsula. Some of them are Vico Equense, Meta, Massa Lubrense, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Discount Rent a Boat in Croatia- Choose Your Favorite Type of Boat

Croatian coast is fondly described as the coast “offering the most” to travelers and enthusiasts sailing on the Adriatic. Its impressive coastline stretches for a long 1,800 kilometers and attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. Croatian coasts are known for their clean and pebbly appearance. In fact, they are the cleanest after Cyprus. The Zlatni rat is the most photogenic beach in Croatia and is visited by several tourists. The best time to visit these shores is the month of August when the sky is clear, the water is crystal clear and the wind is fine. However, you will not get a discounted boat during this phase. Discount rent a boat in Croatia is only available during the off season which is obviously during the winters.

Every sailor knows that traveling by ocean has its fair share of high and lows. The enthusiasts enjoy every bit of the trip. To make it memorable in fact, choosing the right yacht is immensely important. You have to choose between skippered, bareboat, crewed boat to enjoy your sojourn to the fullest. Depending on your choice, capability and of course license, you have to select one of them. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to all these options.

discount rent a boat in Croatia

What about Bareboat?

A bareboat is for those who have navigation license are confident about sailing their own boats. The rental agencies provide such boats if you can clear all their questions. Once you clarify their queries and provide appropriate documents, you can skipper your own boat. Also, visiting with a known group of people who are equally experienced helps in sailing through smoothly. If you are traveling with novices, this is not recommended.

Is a Skippered Boat Better?

A Skippered boat will provide you relief from the tension of chartering your own route. Of course, you will plan the itinerary, but still navigating will be done by the skipper. You can simply enjoy and relax during the trip. Normally, the rental agency provides a skipper with the rented vessel. Also, the skipper knows the most famous tourist spots; he can take you there without a second though and you can enjoy without any hesitation or tension. This is great for people who have not sailed for a long time and of course the only choice for people who do not know how to stand behind the wheel. Learn a little bit of navigation from the skipper if you want to.

Crewed- Another Option

This is the third option. Apart from the skipper and the bareboat, you can also hire a crewed boat to travel along the Croatian islands. A crewed boat consists of a skipper as well as host and hostess to take care of each and every need of the traveler. The skipper will navigate the way and the hostess will take care of groceries, prepare breakfast, lunches and dinner. She will also clean the dishes, galley and the cockpit. Therefore, you will have ample time to relish the scenery.

Discover the beauty of Croatia in a new way through the sea route on your chosen vessel. Whether you are roaming around on a bareboat or crewed one, rest assured that you will enjoy everything about your ride if the itinerary is right. Enjoy your sojourn!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Avail of Boat Rental Services in Spain to Choose the Best Itinerary

Spain is considered to be a sailor’s paradise with 320 marinas and 5,000 miles of coastline. Its beauty is unbeatable and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean allures tourists from all over the world to spend their holiday boating around those islands and beaches.Rent a boat in Spain and enjoy the visual treat that Spain offers. You can either sail to the favorite of the natives in northern Gallacia or sail to the travelers’ favorite den at the ever enchanting Barcelona. Spain has a culture of sailing and their sailors are extremely enthusiastic as well as perfect in chartering a course to the favorite and popular destinations in the islands. Finding a rental boat in Spain is also quite easy. Here are few tips to find out the best deal and also plan it accordingly:

Pick the Best Destination-

Picking the ideal destination is a tall task and when it is Spain and you are a novice, choose Barcelona because the rental companies provide vessels to such people without much experience. Going around this island can take you through beautiful tourist spots like Olympic Marina, Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The experienced sailors should consider Valencia due to its perfect weather, sailing conditions and also the beautiful flat landscape. Wind flows in year round and the water is calm providing the best of sailing conditions to the sailors. The port America’s Cup is one of the most popular marinas if you wish to sail on an off-beat path, then the pristine beaches of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera are perfect for you. The coves will provide shelter during the day and at night you can pull off at Ibiza and enjoy the vibrating nightlife there. The climate is moderate and it is quite a popular place for sailing regattas.

Best Time-

The best time to visit Spain is between may and October and plan accordingly. You will get lot of discount boat rental services during this period. You at least need to plan 6 months in advance to sail smoothly. In fact, discount is also provided during winter months.

Correct Sailing Documents-

Collecting proper sailing documents prior to your journey is your responsibility. You will require sailing license in case you are sailing without crew and the boat is under 16.4 feet in length. Carry your sailing documents and the company will provide with equipment. Certificates from International Certificate of Competence and The Yacht Master’s is considered valid for sailors. You could also enroll for a sailing class provided by the rental services before set sail.

Budget Check-

You definitely need to choose a budget sail boat so that you can continue with the itinerary without facing any budget problem. The pricing varies depending on season, destination, crew which also includes a chef.

Spain always offers the best sailing conditions with a host of islands, beaches and moderate climate. The loveliest part about sailing in Spain is that you can complete it within the perfect budget. You simply need to pick up the right bot and chalk out the best itinerary.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rent a Boat at Best Price to Celebrate Private Events on Venetian Waters

Italy’s culture thrives on parties and boat parties are even more interesting than the other ones. Sailing on the blue waters and celebrating your holidays with mellifluous music along with the rocking rhythm of at is something you will cherish in your heart forever. Rent a boat at best price in Italy to rejoice on Venetian waters this winter. Get a fully serviced boat with or without a skipper according to your wish. Organize a fantastic theme party in the lagoon of Venice which is anyways called the floating land. Whether birthday, graduation or stag or hen party, everything can be organized on boat.

rent a boat at best price in Italy

If you wish to organize a gala dinner, the setting can be customized accordingly. If there is a wedding anniversary or a theme party on the cards contact the boat rentals for a customized boat to prepare it for the celebration. Individuals and small groups can contact the agencies to hire vessels for the event. To celebrate the event in unique style, one must know how to organize boat parties. Here are a few tips:
  • Choose the Occasion and Theme-

    This is the first requirement to a successful boat party. Choose the occasion and the theme for the party. If you are doing it for wedding anniversary, the theme will not be the same as it will be for a birthday party. Choose a theme according to the occasion. A perfect theme for a personal occasion on a dream boat will be a spectacular sight and a memorable experience.
  • Select the Right Boat-

    Selecting the right vessel for the occasion is the most important task. The boat rental agencies provide a wide range of vessels to choose from. You can have a luxury vessel set up for floating on Venetian water and having the best time of your life. Definitely include wine and cocktail for a graceful cruise experience. Make your party romantic being on Venetian waters with lights, soft music and good food. You can also include something surprising in your party to make it more interesting and thrilling.
  • Choose the Set-up or Customize it-

    Choose a set up or customize your own setup for the party. This adds a personal touch to the decor and also the entire arrangement. In fact, organizing a successful party largely depends on the boat and the individuals involved in it.
Doing these things properly will enable you to organize a successful boat party. Right from choosing the correct vessel to choosing the setup, location and theme determines the success. Contact an efficient boat rental agency to get the best vessel available for your event on Venetian waters.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Rent a Boat in Spain and Discover the Peace and Quiet

rent a boat in Spain
Mallorca is a dream island which is so picturesque that it appears like the front page of a breathtaking postcard. The island has a life of its own and it allures travellers into its zone to provide a lease of fresh breath. The best way to reach Mallorca from the Spanish town is to rent a boat in Spain. The water route to reach Mallorca is a prominent one for the locals and also tourists. Boats can be harboured at 2 of Mallorcan ports. You can either stay at the boat and enjoy or get down from the boat and explore the island.

More about Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island among the east coastal archipelago. It is packed with everything that a tourist can imagine. Right from stunning beaches to mouth-watering delicacies, the island welcomes tourists with widely open arms. The island’s highlight is the 550 kilometer long coastline which can be best discovered on boat. In between the sail, climb down savour the local cuisine from the coastline restaurants.

Soothing Culture of Mallorca

Apart from the continuing coastline and beautiful beaches, tourists will also feel great about the cultural tradition of the natives which is heart warming. The revamped old houses and the farmhouses, thick olive and almond groves and also the village festivities will definitely enthral the tourists.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mallorca is during July and August. The clear and sunny skies more than welcome tourists during this time. Avail of discount boat rental services and set sail on the warm and endearing seas. The sea remains calm during this period and it is soothing to travel also. This is also the fiesta time for the high-spirited. Parties, music and parades galore!

Sightseeing in Mallorca

Being on boat is fun. But throughout the days and nights it could get a little monotonous. During those times, you can hop off and explore the land portion of the island. Some of the most attractive tourist destinations are Monestir de Lluc, Real Cartuja de Valldemossa, Catedral, Pollentia, Palau March and some more.
Relax and rejuvenate on a boat journey to Spain and particularly on the Mallorca Islands. It has to offer so much to the travellers that you will spoilt for choices. Both on boat and off boat the island is a wonderful place for a sojourn. Forget all your worries and enjoy your time on the boat.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Rent a Boat in Greece to Explore the Ecotourism Spots

You know what is so charming about Greece? The combination of tradition and modernity; the combination of white rolling seas and the tall standing mountains, but above all it is the Mount Olympus which is revered around the world. This abode of God offers the best climate, a wide range of flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. To explore the open and the hidden gems of this land of Gods, you can rent a boat in Greece at affordable rates. The government has taken huge steps to promote ecotourism in this archaic land which is the cradle of the civilization.

Soak up the Sun at the Beaches

All the ecotourism spots in Greece can be covered by setting up a boating itinerary as the beaches are located along the striking coastline. All these beaches are tourist friendly, and entirely natural providing awesome environment for people to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy their sojourn. Borrow a boat from the discount boat rental services to enjoy the trip at an affordable price. Soak up the sun at the beach or indulge in various outdoor beach activities to continue the fun.

Leptokarya, Ai Yannis Gritsa and More...

The legendary Orpheus was buried near the “old Leptokarya Beach” which in itself is of immense tourist interest. The Ai Yannis Beach on the other hand is surrounded by lush hills which seem like straight out of a picture. This is a gold sand beach which is an exceptional feature of this coast. For the archaeology lovers in search of some adventure and excavation, the “Gritsa Beach” near Dion is ideal for anchoring boats and having fun.
Witness the ecotourism part of Greece and go back with bag full of memories.