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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What Should be Your Negotiation Plan for Boat Renting

People often rent a boat without much thought. Often they end up paying more money than the standard charges. The process of renting a boat at best price can be a challenging task. We have compiled a list of negotiating tips to save on boat rentals so you can enjoy your vacations without emptying your wallet.

Do your homework-
It is a good idea to conduct an online research about various boat rental companies. Look at their websites for the services they offer, kinds of boats they have and how they charge. Having a knowledge about the boat renting industry will certainly give you an upper hand during negotiations. Be sure to check back over time and use different coupon codes and discount codes to see how low you can go. Arm yourself with boat rental infos.

Do not reveal everything from the beginning- The biggest mistake people make when they reveal everything to the rental company. Ask for different types of information and services. Rather than renting company getting the information from you try to get the information out of them.

Talk confidently- During the negotiation, try to appear confident even though you are renting boat for the first time. If you act like a newcomer with no previous experience of renting a boat, rental companies can easily make you pay more by getting you locked into a bad deal.

Deal with actual representatives of the rental company, not with the middleman-
The entire renting deal should be conducted between you and the actual representative of the rental company. Beware of the profit-seeking middleman. Verify the identity (whether they are really the employees of the boat renting company or not) of the people with whom you are signing out the deal. No matter how lower deal a middleman offers, abandon them immediately.

A point that pretty much everyone makes is that the outcome of most negotiations associated with renting a boat at best price has less to do with how vehemently you argue in the moment than it does with how well you prepared beforehand. You are advised, everywhere, to research the tactics extensively and make a solid bargaining game plan.

A point that pretty much everyone makes is that the outcome of most negotiations associated with renting a boat at best price has less to do with how vehemently you argue in the moment than it does with how well you prepared beforehand. You are advised, everywhere, to research the tactics extensively and make a solid bargaining game plan. In order to ensure best deal on boat renting you could seek assistance from Airbooknboat, a renowned boat renting company. Airbooknboat is the company popualr for offering excellent services to its clients for more than a decade.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Boat Renting Checklist for a Perfect Vacation

Renting a boat is perhaps the best way to hit the glorious water bodies of Croatia with friends and family. Even renting requires some steps of carefully-curated decisions to ensure that you stay safe and get the best out of your boating experience. In this blog we are highlighting some of the boat renting tips worth considering.

Choose the type of boat you want to rent-
The very first thing you need to figure is the type of boat you want to rent. Before renting a boat in Croatia, be sure that your selection should be based on the number of people will be on the boat, type of vacation you want to go for and the duration. If you’re interested in renting a specific type of boat, do your homework in advance to see what options area companies offer. You can select from the following categories-

  • Fishing Boats
  • Bowrider Boats
  • Catamaran Boats
  • Yacht
  • Cuddy Cabins Boats
  • Centre Console Boats
  • Houseboats
  • Cabin Cruiser Boats and more

Try a boat before you charter one-
No matter what kind of boating you’re into motor-boating, sailing, fishing- chartering is a great way to spend some deep quality time getting to know one or more boats. You could have an idea about the condition of the boat and whether it is packed with all the amenities or not.

Rental agreement-
You could rent a boat at best price but do keep in mind that not all rental agreements are created equal. You need to know what you’re signing for. Know the rental limits, rules on cancellation, the prohibitions, insurance coverage, and other risks that would most likely cost you. It’s important that you understand the bounds of the contract before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Check the insurance of the boat-
It’s important that a rental company’s liability coverage is outlined in your boat rental agreement. It’s common to accept all responsible for anything that happens to the boat and motor regardless of cause.

It is important to find the right the boat to fit all your water activities and needs, so take time to your research.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

4 Tips on How to Keep your Boat in Seaworthy Condition

Whether you have a yacht or sailboat, fishing boat or bass boat or cruiser, all types of boats require proper and regular maintenance to ensure their performance and condition.

According to the professionals of boat rental services in Greece, getting your boat clean and keeping it that way can be a challenge, especially if you’re a first-time boat owner. Routine maintenance and small repairs can immensely help you to keep your boat in seaworthy condition. Follow these simple maintenance tips to make it easier to get you boat cleaned.

Wash Your Boat-

The first and simplest task is to wash your boat regularly. If you boat in salt water, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. Instead of using a bucket or garden hose, try to get your hands on a power washer. Power washing boats can cut your cleaning time by half and will require less effort on your part to get hard to reach places cleaned.

Change Your Oil-
Oil changes should occur every 100 hours or every season, depending upon which comes first. Although a simple part of boat maintenance, this chore can often feel overwhelming and may even be overlooked.

Fuel Filter-
Check filters visually, if you have a clear bowl, or by draining the contents into a clear glass jar. Like salad dressing, water and gas will layer, making water easy to see. Mark the date of service on the filter with a grease pencil for quick reference.

Wipe it Down-
Last but not least, make sure to give your boat a good wipe down after every session, inside and out. Just taking five or 10 minutes can really help keep your boat looking perfect. Not to mention, you may discover little issues you would never have known about that are easy to fix now but could be major if let go for too long.

Keep in mind that if your boat is not on the top of its performance, don’t take it out on the waters. You could rent a boat in Greece and quench your wander thirst but stay away from taking a faulty boat with you for sailing.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Renting a Boat

Gorgeous sandy beaches, amazing atmosphere, relaxing accommodations and unforgettable moments are some of best things attached with boating. Millions of people all over the world indulge in different sorts water sports and water related activities every year. But if you are going to rent a boat for the first time and have no boating experience, you need to be aware of so many things. Here is a check list you can follow. 

Carefully select the boat rental provider-
Whether you are in Europe or in America, you are surely going to find a wide range of boat rental service companies from where you can rent a boat at best price. But the difficult part is, choosing a reliable boat rental service provider. Planning ahead and doing research in advance will be the best way to figure out the right provider for you. You need to find a reliable and licensed boat rental provider that has a positive track record. You can also check the customer reviews online in order to learn more about the boat rental company that you’re planning to pick. 

A Bowrider

Identify the type and size of the boat you need-
Determining the sitting capacity of the boat is the second most important thing you need to consider. If you are going to spend your holiday on the water with a whole bunch of your friends and family members, a pontoon will be an ideal option, a bowrider or deck boat is a good bet for touring and if you intend to go for fishing, quite obvious fishing boats should be your perfect match. 

A Deck Boat (Top view)

Check out the safety equipment on the boat-
Boat rental operators are required to have all necessary safety equipment on board. Make sure you know where it’s all stashed and how to operate it before you leave on your boat trip. Make sure your rental boat operator gives you a tour of the boat.

Here is a list of safety equipment on a boat

I. GPS Tracker
II. Life jackets
III. First aid box
IV. Fire extinguisher as well as fire crackers
V. Sufficient amount of water
VI. Wireless communication system

Whether you’re planning a romantic vacation or family vacation, keep in mind that doing advance research before hiring a boat will surely make your vacation more enjoyable. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Different Types of Boats You Can Rent in Italy

A boat is a kind of a small vessel that is specifically designed for navigating inland water ways, sea, harbours and river. Apart from the commercial use and a mode of transportation, boats are heavily popular for recreation purpose. There are many different types of boats such as- man-powered boats (gondolas, rafts, kayaks etc.), sail boats and engine-powered motorboats.

Primarily used for pleasure trip, a yacht is a large vessel conveyance. Most of the yachts are big enough to contain a cabin chartered with a professional crew. A yacht is usually larger than 30 feet, but it is luxurious enough comparing to other boats. A sailing trip on a yacht is very popular in Italy. Tourists from all over the world come over here for a pleasure trip on a yacht in Italy.


Cuddy Cabin Boats
Cuddy cabin boats are ideal option if you want to indulge in different types of water sports, sailing and fishing. This type of boats come with a convenient storage space and they are extremely easy to navigate. Cuddy cabin boats are extremely versatile with a fishable cockpit.

Cuddy Cabin Boats

Center Console
A powerboat with its console and helm located in a central location on deck. The Centre Consoles are best for sports fishing and work in harsh offshore waterways where there is plenty of ocean fish. Most center console boats are over 21 feet and come with a small head compartment inside the console itself, and plenty of seating.

Center Console

Deck Boats
If you want to explore the stunning sceneries of the Italian coasts, deck boats should be your ideal choice. Deck boats offer maximum performance, versatility and high level of comfort to the sailors. The best thing about this type of boats is they are perfect for an indolent journey especially for the honeymoon couples where they can spend fantastic time on the water.

Deck Boats

You can easily rent a boat at best price in Italy and set out to explore this marvelous country. Home to some of the world's most dazzling waterways and scenery, Italy is a dream for travelers keen on making a splash.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What Would be your Ideal Boat Rental Strategy in Spain

Spending vacations on the exotic locations of Spain is the ultimate dream of any fun loving people. Exploring the scenic beauties of Spanish coasts on a boat is a life time experience. But renting a boat could be overwhelming especially if you are a first-timer. To make it simple for you, we are offering you the standard boat rental procedure and strategies.

  • The very first thing you need to do is to identify if the boat you are hiring is properly registered with the Spanish authority or not. It is of paramount importance that the boat must have an authorized license, permit and clearance from the pollution control board. If you hire a boat without proper papers, there is a great chance you may face legal troubles.
  • Upon the first discussion with a boat rental company, verify their reliability by reading the reviews, testimonials and feedback of the company on its website and social media sites. You may get a fair bit of idea about how the company deals with their clients. You could also call their previous clients to ask about their experience with the company. 
  • There is a misconception that fuel charges are included when you rent a boat in Spain. Fuel costs are usually separated from the rental charges. It is advised to figure out the fuel charges in advance. It is good to have the knowledge of a possible estimate on price.
  • Clearly check the all the facilities of the boat such as the rooms in the boat, electricity, bathroom, cleanliness and the life-saving equipment. Make sure the boat you are hiring is in top-class working order.

In Spain, you have the liberty to rent a boat of any size, style or model and hit the water. If you have no boating experience previously, you can get a boat with a licensed captain. Just make sure you have thoroughly checked all the aspects furnished above properly to make your vacation even more memorable, safe and exciting.

Monday, 31 July 2017

5 Travel Hot-Spots in Croatia that you Must Never Miss

Since its independence in the late 1990s, Croatia has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With its incredible history, medieval cities, amazing locations and brilliant weather, Croatia is absolutely astounding as a country. With their crystal clear and turquoise blue water, the beaches situated here are luring travelers for many years. People from all over the world love to navigate the pristine beaches of this picturesque country.

If you are planning to visit Croatia, these are the five places you should never miss.

Now a Unesco world heritage site, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities. Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, it’s a place that is medieval, mythical and occasionally magical, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Croatia. To catch the best view just take a walk along the City Walls. It is the finest way to discover this striking land.

Dalmatian Coast- 
Stretches from Zadar in the north to Peljesac peninsula in the south, Dalmatian is the whole southern region of Croatia. Due to the relative lack of crowds, weather, and value, August to October is perhaps the ideal time to visit this place.

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb boasts a beautiful medieval old town. Studded with captivating architecture, bountiful museums, artistic galleries, historical sights, and an explosion of outdoor activities, Zagreb is a city that draws you in slowly. The best of Zagreb will come to you from the people you meet.

Bol is an attractive old town made up of historical stone houses. Zlatni Rat, a famous beach in Bol, is perhaps the best known and the most beautiful beach in Croatia. Ideal time to visit the Bol is from June through September. Lined with pine trees and gardens, this place is simply fantastic especially for the solo travelers.

Mljet National Park-
This place is well worth the journey. Millions of people visit this beautiful park every year. You can get on the National Park in Mljet by renting a boat from Dubrovnik and by numerous tourist charter boats from Korčula.

There are countless reasons why Croatia is becoming such a travel hot spot. Croatia today feels like a very safe country to visit. Crime rates are very low and you often see bikes and homes left unlocked. Be there to enjoy a memorable holiday.