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Monday, 20 February 2017

Discount Rent a Boat in Croatia- Choose Your Favorite Type of Boat

Croatian coast is fondly described as the coast “offering the most” to travelers and enthusiasts sailing on the Adriatic. Its impressive coastline stretches for a long 1,800 kilometers and attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. Croatian coasts are known for their clean and pebbly appearance. In fact, they are the cleanest after Cyprus. The Zlatni rat is the most photogenic beach in Croatia and is visited by several tourists. The best time to visit these shores is the month of August when the sky is clear, the water is crystal clear and the wind is fine. However, you will not get a discounted boat during this phase. Discount rent a boat in Croatia is only available during the off season which is obviously during the winters.

Every sailor knows that traveling by ocean has its fair share of high and lows. The enthusiasts enjoy every bit of the trip. To make it memorable in fact, choosing the right yacht is immensely important. You have to choose between skippered, bareboat, crewed boat to enjoy your sojourn to the fullest. Depending on your choice, capability and of course license, you have to select one of them. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to all these options.

discount rent a boat in Croatia

What about Bareboat?

A bareboat is for those who have navigation license are confident about sailing their own boats. The rental agencies provide such boats if you can clear all their questions. Once you clarify their queries and provide appropriate documents, you can skipper your own boat. Also, visiting with a known group of people who are equally experienced helps in sailing through smoothly. If you are traveling with novices, this is not recommended.

Is a Skippered Boat Better?

A Skippered boat will provide you relief from the tension of chartering your own route. Of course, you will plan the itinerary, but still navigating will be done by the skipper. You can simply enjoy and relax during the trip. Normally, the rental agency provides a skipper with the rented vessel. Also, the skipper knows the most famous tourist spots; he can take you there without a second though and you can enjoy without any hesitation or tension. This is great for people who have not sailed for a long time and of course the only choice for people who do not know how to stand behind the wheel. Learn a little bit of navigation from the skipper if you want to.

Crewed- Another Option

This is the third option. Apart from the skipper and the bareboat, you can also hire a crewed boat to travel along the Croatian islands. A crewed boat consists of a skipper as well as host and hostess to take care of each and every need of the traveler. The skipper will navigate the way and the hostess will take care of groceries, prepare breakfast, lunches and dinner. She will also clean the dishes, galley and the cockpit. Therefore, you will have ample time to relish the scenery.

Discover the beauty of Croatia in a new way through the sea route on your chosen vessel. Whether you are roaming around on a bareboat or crewed one, rest assured that you will enjoy everything about your ride if the itinerary is right. Enjoy your sojourn!

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